Internet April Fool’s Day Pranks 2015

Best April Fool’s Day Pranks 2015


Google has a long history of pranking people on April 1st (anyone remember pigeonrank?) and this year is no different. There’s actually a couple to choose from.

Pacmaps! Yes on April 1st this year Google changed their maps to have a playable Pacman option, so you can chase ghosts right past your own front door! Great Stuff.


Go to and you’ll find a reversed version of google. This serves no purpose other than novelty value, looks cool though.


Domino’s Driver-less delivery service.

Through email and twitter Domino’s have been serving people up with this delightful advert.

Best of the rest:

The subreddits on for r/android and r/apple switched places for the day.

Sony released an advert for Playstation Flow, wearable goggles that allow you to go swimming whilst playing games!

Players of Destiny logging in to their accounts on were greeted with a flashing colour palette and the silky dance moves of their avatar. went retro for the day changing their site back to the stylings of 1999!

I wonder what we’ll get next year…