Introducing the Link Promotions FAQ series

Here at Link Promotions we take transparency very seriously. You see we care about our customers and we like to know that they are up to date on all developments in the SEO industry, that any issues affecting them get our full attention, and that they have a readily available resource to answer their questions. To that end we have come up with the Link Promotions FAQ series in which we address some of the more common issues and questions that get raised by our clients.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be posting a series FAQs right here on the blog in the hopes that any of our customers can have their questions answered clearly and concisely without the need to get in touch. Who knows maybe you’ll even learn something in the process! So starting from Tuesday 19th May and then every Tuesday thereafter (until we run out of FAQs) we will post a new update for all and sundry.

If for any reason you can’t find the answers you’re looking for then we are always on hand to respond to your questions. You can contact our customer support team on 01254 433 703 or email For up to date goings on follow Link Promotions Official Twitter account or go to our Google+ page..

Don’t forget to check back every Tuesday for more updates.