Link Promotions FAQ Series 2 – Complaints

I’ve searched for Link Promotions on Google and I’m disturbed by the complaints I’m reading. What’s going on?

Here at Link Promotions we take complaints very seriously. We are always on hand to answer your questions and try and be up front and honest about the services we provide. But sometimes it’s just not possible to please everybody. A cursory search for Link Promotions on Google will present you with a couple of dubious looking search results. First of all do not feel harassed and alarmed by these comments. With over 8000 happy customers there was bound to be a couple of people not happy with the service, or, more accurately, a couple of customers that were just a little unclear on what it is that we actually do.

Let’s be fair here, if you search for “Yell Websites” on Google not every search result on there is exactly painting the best picture of that company. But that’s all I’ll say about that. 99% of the complaints we have found about ourselves we have either resolved or refunded. We don’t want to do business with people who don’t want to do business with us and that’s the end of it. The only problem is that a number of the complaints we received originated on a website that asks us for payment to remove them, that doesn’t sound very fair does it? In fact that sounds like racketeering. Exactly.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk to us about anything else contact Link Promotions Customer Support Team on 01254 433703 or email We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.