5 Ways to help promote your business online

Everyone knows that when it comes to websites, content is king, but is that still the case? The internet is an ever evolving place and there are a number of different ways to get yourself on the first page of Google, what you might not realise is that the front page of Google isn’t the only place that is going to gain you traffic through to your site. Read on for 5 ways to promote your business online.

1. Improve your Twitter game

unnamedThe one area people always go wrong with Twitter is forgetting to Tweet! It’s a five minute job to just nip on and retweet a few interesting things or a link to something fun or interesting (don’t forget your hashtags), so get tweeting. This way when you have something actually interesting to say then you actually have someone reading it, and hopefully retweeting it! It might be confusing to some but it’s one of the simplest things there is. Social marketing has only one rule, stay active! Twitter themselves also offer a range of paid for promotional tools to better help you get them posts visible to people who aren’t following you.

2. Don’t forget about Google+

Google+Google+ right? Who even uses this? Did you know that Google+ is the second largest social network after Facebook? Well you do now. It’s worth being active on here for two reasons. The first one is that, just like Twitter and Facebook, when you post things on here people see it, providing you have followers and again this is just about being interesting and active mainly. Over time you will gain followers. The second reason, and the more well hidden one, is that for every plus one you gain for your website, the higher you will rank in the google charts. Believe it or not, this is the first thing google looks at when choosing how to rank people in user’s search results. So get plussing, er, googling? No. Whatever you call it, it’s useful.

3. Facebook-Fu

FacebookYou already knew this part right? The problem is people tend to give up on this too soon, before they’ve even got started. You need friends/subscribers for this to work or you can pay facebook directly to promote posts to people in your area. The only way to gain followers and subscribers is to be interesting, or have good offers available to people who do subscribe. Try thinking about discounts you can offer for a quick like or follow, for every like or follower/friend you gain you are then opened up to a whole new group of people that they are friends with. It’s not rocket science.

4. Strong Content

content_2I know I said at the start that content might not be king after all, but hear me out. Without good quality content the search engines won’t know what your site is even about. Make sure you spell things correctly and mention all over your site what you are, for example: “Link Promotions are an experienced team of web developers and designers here to help you promote your UK business online.” This nails all the major points, our name, our main category and one of our main keywords as well as the area we cover. If you want help promoting your business in the UK feel free to get in touch on sales@linkopromotions.net for more information.

5. Good Quality Links

LinksAs Link Building specialists we can’t forget about the benefit of having a good quality backlink pointed at your website. You need to be looking for websites that are relevant to what you do as a business first of all. After that any links you can get from free directories, or a reciprocal link from another website (where you link back to them as well) can be a great help in getting your website better indexed on the search engines. Make sure to include the keyword you are looking to get ranked for in the anchor text of lnk you submit. For more information or help building your link catalogue get in touch on sales@linkpromotions.net.