Analyse your website for free with Link Promotions Ltd!

Our new free stats service allows you to analyze your website, finding out which parts are working for you and which aren’t, it also gives you up to the minute social information so you can see if people are sharing your information through Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social networking sites. All you need to do is go to go here and enter the URL of your website. You will be presented with an in depth analysis of your site. You can also download this information as a PDF to refer back to later.

Here at Link Promotions Ltd we believe that website optimisation is not only useful for the promotion of your website, it’s crucial for the betterment of the internet as a whole. By ensuring that the search engines pull in only the most relevant information from your site your customers are better able to find you for your services, but this also means that search engine results as a whole are better presented and less inclusive of spam.

The main thing you need to be paying attention to is whether your pages are being indexed and whether the information on these pages is deemed relevant. This will be annotated at the side telling you whether the indexibility of your site is good or bad, we like to keep it simple for you! If you need a more in depth analysis of your site, a free SEO check or any help writing content for your pages give our team a call on 01254 433 703. We’ll be happy to help.