Link Promotions 10 easy SEO tips for getting started

1. Social Media
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, social networking should be at the centre of any marketing strategy. Whether you’re promoting yourself for personal reasons or for business there’s no doubt that Facebook and Twitter are at the forefront for interacting with people online.

2. Flash
In a word, avoid. Flash is not search engine friendly nor is it that pretty or even compatible with most devices any more. If you need fancy animations on your site there are much better ways of doing this.

3. ALT Tags
Your images appear in the search engine results as well and can also have an effect on where you appear. When uploading a picture to your blog or site remember to add the descriptions to the ALT tags with your focus keyword mentioned first.

4. Worded URLs
This may seem an obvious one but it deserves to always be in your checklist. Just make sure you have search friendly URLs. is way better than

5. Link back to your archives
I’ve done this in this article. But relevant links always help any page and make it easier for the search engines to crawl your pages naturally and work out what a page should be ranked for. It also helps if you…

6. Create a sitemap
Sitemap will show the search engines where all your pages are and how to crawl them, that way all your pages will be indexed and ranked for the correct keywords.

7. Keywords
Some will tell you that keywords aren’t important any more and to a certain extent that’s true. But if you need to be found for a particular keyword then you need that keyword mentioned right? Right. Make sure you focus each page or post of your site on one main focus keyword or phrase and mention it multiple times, as well as including it in your title description and metas.

8. Content
Write strong content for your site and update it regularly, the search engines love a site that seems active. One of the best ways to ensure your website gets updated regularly is to integrate a blog. You then have to remember to update said blog. Start a blogging calendar with information about what you want to post and when, then you can stick to a timetable.

9. Link out and link in
Sometimes the best way to get a quality link to your site from another site that’s relevant to you is to ask the webmaster of the site. On some occasions you may have to provide a link back to them, others they may ask you to pay a small fee. Either way good quality back links are essential to getting your site ranked for particular keywords, especially if there’s a lot of competition on those keywords.

10. Use your tools
Remember to use all the tools at your disposal. Google webmaster tools, bing tools, alexa toolbar, analytics, site analyzers etc. Also check back on your favourite blogs and websites for tips and tricks, SEO is an ever changing landscape and you wouldn’t want to fall behind would you?

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