Link Promotions FAQ Series 3 – Link Building

What is link building and how does it affect me?

Now this is a question that we get asked a lot. The problem with good quality link building is that it’s very difficult to gauge its effectiveness in a direct sense. I mean yes, my website appears on the first page of the searches for my chosen keyword, but how do I know it was the Link Promotions link building service that did that? To understand the answer to this you have to understand a little more about how Google works.

Link building forms an integral part of SEO services. Based on the belief that higher ranking websites are more viewed, webmasters take up the link building process where lots of links pointing to the particular website are generated. These links can be obtained from blogs, forums, articles or other websites.


  1. One way link building eliminates the two ways or multiple link building process which are time consuming. Moreover with two way link building one has to find relevant sites to establish a two way link which is a time consuming process and often results in little response.


  1. One way link building helps in establishing a brand as the name can be used in the anchor text of the resource box of the article or can be placed when stating comments in various forums and blogs.


  1. Website visibility can be increased when there is proper use of keywords. Search queries are carried out with the help of keywords. One way link building with effective keywords helps in getting increased visibility and traffic.


  1. The higher the number of links pointing to a site, the higher the search engine ranking. Therefore effective one way link building helps in increasing the search engine positioning of a website.


  1. Increased web traffic is a major benefit that is derived from one way link building. A higher traffic site pointing links to other sites leads to higher traffic for the reciprocal sites as well as increased visibility on the search engines.

So basically the link building process takes place in the background. What we will do to keep you up to date is send you a monthly or quarterly website analysis report, this will keep you informed of the number of links your site has and what keywords you are ranked for. For more information on Link Promotions link building call us today on 01254 433 703.