5 SEO Basics You Can Complete in 10 Minutes

5 SEO basics that you can complete in 10 mins!

1. Unique Title on Each Page

All websites are made up of pages. For example a typical Guest House website might have a home page, contact page, booking page, and local attractions etc. A good title page should be 30 characters or more but no more than about 70 characters. So the home page should ideally have a title page that reads “Oaklands Guest House – Family Run B&B in Newquay, Cornwall.” This title clearly displays the nature of the page in the search engine results for people looking for a guest house in Newquay.

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2. Specific Content Focus On Each Page

As I mentioned above, each title being unique and focused for every page is critically important. Equally important is the content on those pages. You will want to make sure that a consistent theme is maintained within each page’s content.

You could actually hurt your search engine ranking by discussing too many different things on one page, try to keep each page simple and straight to the point in relation to discussing each piece of content.

3. Meta Description

A meta description is an element within a page that tells the search engines what your page is about, it also is the little bit of information that displays in the search engine results for that page. For this reason there is no point making the description too long as the end of it will get cut off anyway. Ideally this should 130-155 characters long and contain clear and concise information as to what the page is about, repeating the main focus keyword for the page as well.

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Optimize Website for Mobile Traffic

In April this year Google implemented a major update that now takes in to account how well optimised your site is for mobile devices and considers this as a ranking factor. Mobile devices have now overtaken laptops and computers as the main way in which we interact with the web.

The easiest way to do this is to build your website on a responsive platform, meaning one that reacts to the device it is being viewed on and automatically chooses the correct display method.

To find out if your website is mobile-friendly, you can check using the Mobile-Friendly Test provided by Google. Simply enter your site’s address in the form and click “Analyze.”

Links to Your Website

One of the most important metrics by which search engines determine your website’s relevance, authority and search rank is the amount of quality links pointing to pages within your site from external sources.

An example of a good link would be a listing for your business on your local Federation of Small Businesses or the official federation page for the industry that you are part of. You also want to make sure that your business listings are accurate, complete and consistent throughout major internet directories like:

Google My Business

Yahoo! Local

Bing Places

Those are just a small sampling of the directories to check, but they are the first ones that should be claimed and kept up to date.

You can also gain quality links by sponsoring local fundraisers and events. More often than not, the organization hosting these events links back to their sponsors.

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